domingo, 25 de mayo de 2008

The Good 50x70 2008

The Good 50x70, Este este proyecto esta hecho por disenadores que forman parte de ICOGRADA (una de las asociasiones mas grandes de diseno en el mundo), Pasquale Volpe y Tommaso Minnetti. Trata de convocar a disenadores alrededor del mundo a usar sus habilidades para crear conciencia en la gente por medio de posters, pero mejor dejo que ellos lo expliquen:

"If you ask most people, they’ll say that advertising, and the communications industry as a whole, sells people things they don’t need and can’t afford. It might be occasionally entertaining, but by and large it’s fundamentally wrong and unnecessary. As we work in it, we’d prefer to focus on the positive side. The communications industry is also the best in the world at grabbing people’sattention and getting them to act on what we say. The aim of Good 50×70 is to use these skills to highlight more important things than beer and trainers. It’s a competition to raise awareness amongst the creative community of the power we have to be a force for good. There are 7 briefs from 7 charities on 7 issues that affect thousands of people around the world. All you have to do is pick a topic that inspires you and submit a poster on that theme. 210 posters (30 from each brief) will be selected by our jury of leading designers and exhibited around the worldand published in a catalogue, but more importantly they’ll be presented to the charities for their use as a potential campaign. Even if you create communication tools every day, this time your poster might really have a positive impact on thousands of lives. It’s time for our industry to give us something back."

Los posters se dividen en siete categorias:
Child Mortality
Global Warming
Human Rights Violation
War Victims
Water Scarcity

La convocatoria ya termino y los finalistas han sido anunciados, asi que aprovecho este espacio para hacerle un poco de publicidad a una de mis profesoras, Natalia Delgado, que concurso en la categoria de Human Rights Violation y quedo finalista con este poster:

Ahora, este no es el primero que se hace, sino el segundo, el ano pasado estuvo bueno y se nota como ha crecido este 2008. Mi maestra tambien participo bajo la categoria de AIDS, The Good 50x70 2007.

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